Struggle for a new everyday life
General information
2007 -
Description of Activities
Kanslibyrån (≈ The Secretariat Bureau) is an activist group and artistic institution created by the artists Per-Arne Sträng and John Huntington. The Bureau is fighting a battle in everyday life where rationality, obedience and effectiveness are questioned in both the private and public realm. The critique of ingrained norms and customary conventions is central in the work and Kanslibyrån is trying to pinpoint situations where resistance is possible.
Society is mainly built on rationality and obedience; as a consequence Kanslibyrån is promoting irrationality and defiance as important concepts. All actions matter and all situations have a subversive and critical potential. By being irrational, illogical or act on a whim or impulse, uncertainty is created, and this uncertainty makes way for new thoughts and ideas.
The collaboration Kanslibyrån was initiated in 2007 and is an ongoing endeavor.
John Huntington (b. 1981, Rävlanda) graduated at Konstfack and Umeå Academy of Fine Arts.
Per-Arne Sträng (b.1976, Östersund) graduated at Umeå Academy of Fine Arts.
  • Kanslibyrån is against the present order
  • Kanslibyrån is against all that is considered to be normal
  • Kanslibyrån is against all customary conventions
  • Kanslibyrån operates outside the law
  • Kanslibyrån is promoting irrationality and defiance
  • Kanslibyrån is not practical, profitable or efficient
  • Kanslibyrån works in everyday life
  • Kanslibyrån is politically and religiously independent.
    The bureau commits itself to counteract ingrained norms and conventions and to work in a democratic and philanthropic spirit.
    Kanslibyrån is an activist group and an institution created by Per-Arne Sträng and John Huntington. The bureau was founded in 2007 and operates both nationally and internationally.